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You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Alexander's Diagnostic:

I went to Alexander's Diagnostic, for my oil change anD had a very good informative conversation there. It was like I was there only 5 minutes, time flew by, in an out! Alexander's gets 5 stars with me! Also, I know people read things and don't believe, so go to Alexander's and find out yourself how great there services are!

Mr. Adam

I want to Thank You for your prompt courteous service. After calling the local Dodge dealer and being told that they wouldn't be able to look at my truck until Friday (this was on wed. morning), I called Alexanders. I explained that i was transporting a travel trailer that had to be in Kingston NY. by Friday and that i was have a cooling system problem.

Eric had me in a half hour later,flushed the radiator and installed a new thermostat and back on the road an hour and a half later. They had to wait for the thermostat or it would have been even sooner.

While I was waiting for my vehicle I observed how considerate Eric was of all of the customers that came and went.I would also like to commend the technicians who worked on not only my vehicle but of the other customers. They were professional and courteous in explaining what they found to be the problem and what was done to correct it.

I was also very surprised when it was time to pay the bill, it was much less than w!

Gerald G.

I went in to get my brake pads changed and as I was talking with Eric about my plans to get an alignment and oil change because of the coupons I had. Eric then informed me that he could perform all of those services at his garage for less than would be paying with my discount coupons. The guys at the shop are very up-front and friendly. Not only do they show you the problem but they also discuss the price with you and offer financing to help you pay for big repairs. Super amazing place. I'll be back soon.

Brea R.

As a walk in customer with a power steering problem, they took care of my issue promptly and with a good price. Highly recommended.


Hi Eric, I just wanted to thank you again for taking care of my son's '03 grand am. The way it was rapping, I was sure the engine was shot and we would be looking at a $3500 bill for a rebuilt one. To tell the truth I was a little nervous to leave it with you, it being the first time I had you service any of my cars. I've been taken in by mechanics several times in the past--once by a guy who was in the very same building you're in now, but you called and made me feel a lot better when you said you thought you could fix it. And when I got the bill of $284, I was thrilled. One of the things that impressed me most was the charge for labor was 3.9 hours. Most guys would have rounded up to the nearest hour but you charged me only for the actual time you worked on the car--and it runs great. so I plan to refer a lot of people to you and have my cars in there whenever they need serviced. It's good to have a mechanic that's qualified, reasonable, near-by and most of all, honest. Thanks again.

Len Chianese


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